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With the Holy Spirit as our guide, our mission is to invite all to share the joy of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. As disciples of Christ, we covenant to reflect God’s love by being inviting, non-judgmental, compassionate, and respectful. We will embody our mission in the following ways:
I/we will:
Seek God’s presence and guidance through prayer in all that we do.
Be non-judgmental, kind, friendly, curious, open, welcoming, and forgiving
Respect and embrace our personal, cultural, and generational differences and strive to grow together
Be open to change
Observe basic daily courtesies such as greeting each other when entering a room
Listen in a spirit of learning and love
Always share joy of being with each other.


I/we will not:
Interrupt each other
Ignore others or dismiss their concerns
Forget that we are imperfect and under God’s mercy

In disagreement, I/we will:
Go (directly) when there is a conflict or disagreement
Hold one another accountable to Shalom process
Listen with respect in order to understand and ponder the other perspective(s).
Be open and receptive to gentle, well-meaning intervention when differences arise
Work together
See others through God’s eyes
Respect the perspective of those dissenting.
Maintain the focus of decisions and discussions to be for the good of the Church body.

In disgreement, I/we will not:
Get stuck in the past
Bully or argue
Yell or walk away
Focus on winning
Intentionally or knowingly exclude others

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